Brand Identity

AVASTAR Records is the first record label in Asia built with virtual idol, it’s parent company is Club Media. They are driven to change global digital culture and champion creators that push the needle of what’s possible.

Headquartered in Shanghai, they already have experience working with the world’s top multinational brands and creatives. In recent years, they have been committed to combining virtual reality technology with the entertainment industry from virtual fashion, music production to music video and NFTs, redefining and driving forward the digital culture and the entertainment industry. As a record label under the company, AVASTAR has two virtual idols, Maie and Ruby 9100M, and has released digital singles and video works, transplanting the two virtual idols into reality. In the future, more breakthrough works will be created with the development of metaverse and the application of Web3.0.

The brand name is composed of “Avatar” and “Star”. We intuitively bring this imagination into the visual, the logo combined the letter A with the star symbol, and the logotype is embedded with a shuttle star symbol, makes the whole visual more futuristic, conveys the main concept of the brand crossing virtual and real. The brand colors are based on black and white, supplemented by a sci-fi silver color, also included fluorescent orange, yellow, blue, purple, we hope the colors have more application flexibility to match the brand essence. 3D technology combined with physical application items, showcasing emerging brands that are both virtual and real and have diversified development.

AVASTAR Records是亞洲第一個以虛擬偶像建構的唱片廠牌,其母公司為Club Media,他們致力於改變全球的數位文化,並推廣具潛力的創作者。

總部位於上海的他們已有著與世界頂級的跨國品牌和創意人士合作的經驗,近年來致力於將虛實技術與娛樂產業結合,從虛擬時尚、音樂製作到音樂影像及NFT,範圍橫跨虛實,重新定義並推動數位文化及娛樂產業。AVASTAR作為公司旗下的唱片廠牌,有著Maie和Ruby 9100M兩位虛擬偶像並已發行數位單曲及影像作品,且將兩位虛擬偶像移植至現實中,未來將配合元宇宙的發展和Web3.0的應用創造更多突破性的作品。