Alien Juice

Brand Identity


Alien Juice is the drink use happy feelings as material made by aliens, in order to encroach on human’s life. People start dancing crazy after them get blind drunk, leave all worries and finally lost memory, the only thing they remember is...a pack of alien juice from supermarket one night.

Craft beer is a good companion for friends at the party, it brings happiness to our life, we think it’s really suitable to set the brand tone in a humor way, to create a brand new style and diffrent to the market, develop a new life style. The visual identity based on the idea of happiness, the shape of people dancing and get fucking drunk,  the outline is constructed by smooth hand drawing lines, and made the color themes of eyes-catching contrast gradient.

Obviously, they have dropped in the trap of aliens.

Alien Juice-外星人果汁,是外星人為了侵占我們的生活,以快樂為原料製作的飲品( 精釀啤酒 ),人們黃湯下肚之後開始瘋狂的跳舞、忘記所有煩惱,最後失去記憶,唯一讓他們想起的是...某晚在超商買了一手外星人果汁。