Brand Identity

‘Of all the reasons for drinking, there is nothing more sexy than to feel relaxed and comfortable.’

CINCIN, means CHEERS in Italian, the bar is located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei, providing the quality natural wines that used wild yeast, the winemaker didn’t add other substances in the process, contains no sulfur dioxide then won't make people hangover, natural wines usually with the flavor of minerals in the soil, let nature determines the taste, makes the extreme romance, as if the concept of ‘Being relaxed first, then drinking rationally.’ that CINCIN emphasizes.

The ‘Minerality’ in natural wine has always been a metaphysics, but we incorporated this mysterious and beautiful imagination into the concept of branding, concretized this into the visual symbols of the brand, using colors and different representative mineral to metaphor the natural wines in CINCIN, the whole symbol system complements the ore decorations in the bar, and we used unique custom logotype to express flows, flavors and aromas of natural wine, the viusal presentation is going naturally and organically.

CINCIN’s interior style retains the original texture and scenes of the environment, no artificial or extravagant, let customers and alcohol to express and achieve the meaning of space. In order to echoes the scenes of space, we present the applications of brand with minimalist style by using original texture, let customers get the most direct feeling and quality. CINCIN provides sincere drinking value with parity price and cozy attitude, let drinking greatly simplified and more beautiful, re-feels every tipsy moment.




CINCIN的裝潢風格保留環境的原初質地與風貌,不做作,不鋪張,將空間的意義留給訪客與酒精去成就,我們在品牌的延伸應用上以呼應店內風格的極簡、原始風格呈現,低調中保有質感,讓顧客得到最直接的感受。CINCIN以平實的價格、 即站即飲的態度提供率性真摯的飲酒價值,極簡化飲酒的美事一樁,重新感覺每一次微醺的價值。