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“DAO”, located in Taichung City, is a new and unique venue hidden beside the Liuchuan River, this undefined space offers a diverse range of services, including bars, parties, music, films, and forums. Its versatility echoes one of the brand’s core philosophies, “DAO”, which can be understood as the concept of the decentralized autonomous organization based on blockchain technology. On the other hand, “道” is also a phonetic translation in Chinese, which can be interpreted as its literal meaning, it is derived from the “Dao” in Laozi’s “Dao Te Ching”, representing the natural law and essence governing the universe, perceived through the phenomena of life and nature, it can also be understood as the “Way” or “Road”, created together with a shared purpose and direction. The resemblance between “DAO” and “道” echoes the essence of all things in the world and serves as the source of the meaning of life, forming a transcendent existence.

Inspired by the above concept and the spatial image of DAO, we have developed a distinctive brand identity that integrates a solemn religious sense with avant-garde graphic designs. The logo embodies spatial and directional elements, resonating with the narrow and psychedelic space experience within DAO, the five circles converge at the center, representing the five units within the establishment, complemented by a unique combination of Chinese and English logotype. Our design further extends into a 3D animation, inspired by the stainless-steel decoration commonly found in DAO, the reflection of metal in the lighting becomes the focal point of the brand’s standard colors, the creativity in colors and graphics also extends to the design of the digital menu, where gradients categorize the menu items, allowing users to scroll and explore based on color distribution, the seven signature cocktails are individually presented with corresponding typography that creatively express the sensory emotions, accompanied by taste values for the distinctive visual. In this project, we have boldly explored the boundaries of acid graphic and commercial application, delivering a fresh and captivating visual experience to the audience.

In addition to the brand identity, DAO also collaborated with us to plan a series of posters and opening commemorative T-shirts for a three-day grand opening event. The T-shirt features the “Liuchuan 57” building, housing five units including DAO. These units occupy the first to fourth floors, comprising barber shop, selected shop, tattoo studio, and record label. This diverse blend enriches the creative scene of the Liuchuan area. To symbolize the opening as a new beginning, we have designed a set of logotype for each unit, representing another dimension within the parallel universe.

Themed “GENESIS”, the event centers around the image of the Genesis Sword, divided into three chapters for the creation of the poster series, it’s a sincere invitation to join in celebrating the origin of DAO. The event not only brings together DJs, Hip-Hop groups, artists, and creative units from Taiwan but also features the participation of the well-known party culture and electronic music brand “THE INTERNATIIIONAL” from South Korea. This cross-border collaboration introduces co-branded products and music parties, adding a fresh perspective to Taichung’s subculture.

「DAO 道」,位於台中市,隱藏於柳川河道旁的一處新型態獨特場所,未定義的空間提供了集結酒吧、派對、音樂、電影及座談等服務,其多元的特點呼應了代表品牌理念之一的「DAO」,可以理解為基於區塊鏈技術的去中心化自治組織之概念,由一群人通過協議達成的共識所創造出的組織形式,另一方面,「道」則為中文的音譯,更可以理解為字義,一方面源自於老子《道德經》中的「道」,它代表著萬物運行的規律與自然的本質,可以通過生命和自然的現象被感知;另一方面也可以理解為「道路」,為同一目的和方向所共創。「道;DAO」兩者之間的相似性呼應了世間萬物的本質,亦是生命意義的源頭,形成了一種超越性的存在。


除了品牌識別外,「DAO」也藉由正式開幕為期三天的活動,與我們一同規劃了系列海報以及紀念T-Shirt。紀念T-Shirt主體為「柳川57」這棟建築物,包含「DAO」在內的五個單位,從一樓至四樓分別有男士理髮廳、品牌選物店、刺青工作室及饒舌廠牌進駐,豐富了柳川當地的創意活動,我們分別以各單位的名稱,創造出平行宇宙中的另一組標準字體,來表達開幕即為另一個起點;而本次活動以【GENESIS】為題,我們將創世劍的形象作為主體,分為三個章節創作系列海報,誠摯邀請大家一同來慶祝「DAO」的"起源"。活動不但聚集了來自台灣的DJ、饒舌團體、藝術家及創作單位,更邀請來了韓國知名的派對文化及電子音樂品牌「THE INTERNATIIIONAL」來到當地,提供跨國的聯名產品及音樂活動,為台中的次文化帶來不同的面貌。