Brand Identity


HUE.S is an online silver jewelry select shop based in Taiwan. In English(Silver) and Latin(Argentum), silver means ‘shining’ and ‘Brilliance’, HUE.S integrates the meaning of Hue and Silver. Every piece of jewelry has different meaning in life, maybe a memory, a choice, or a self-expression. HUE.S hopes customers radiate with great brilliancy light like the silver.

According to the selected items and image concepts of HUE.S, we pre-set the entire brand planning process to form a complete visual indetity. The logo was drawn with a continuous curve, creating a fluid sence like the malleability of silver. The logotype is based on the Bodoni style font, lettering combines modernity and classicism with silver-like curved lines, making the font unique and harmony, complementary and opposite at the same time. Through the combination of the main identity system, its expresses the malleability and timeless of silver jewelry.

Different from other online stores, we present the brand’s aesthetics and concepts through narrative arrangement, to create the critical brand value.

(Lookbook Photo by WeiHua Do)

HUE.S是一間位於台灣的線上銀飾選物店,其品牌名稱取自色調(Hue)、及銀(Sliver)的組合,意旨銀色調,在英文(Silver)及拉丁語(Argentum)中,銀有著「 閃亮的」、「 白色光輝」的語意。每件飾品在生活中都具有不同意義的地位,也許是一段記憶、一種選擇,亦或是一種自身的表達,HUE.S希望配戴者如同身上的銀飾,散發出閃耀的光輝。