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“SUNKUSA393”, located in the suburbs of Taichung City, specializes in the cultivation, management, trading, and care of agave plants, its primary market is in Asian regions like Japan and Korea, SUNKUSA393 infuses the aesthetics of planting into lifestyle, aiming to create a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary brand. During the initial stages of developing the brand identity, we worked closely with the founder, Shih, through multiple meetings to shape the brand’s aesthetics and definition. We delved into Shih’s professional background and interests, merging his career in aluminum and metal industry business with his passion for mecha anime, seemingly contradictory to a plant-based brand, but this unique fusion resulted in a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing brand visual identity.

The brand name “SUNKUSA” is a combination of “Sun” (representing the sun) and “Kusa” (the Japanese pronunciation of grass). The sun symbolizes the essential element of the agave, while its relationship with the plant itself (grass) extends to the fundamental concept of cultivation. We take the Japanese homophone “393” in “SUNKUSA” as a code name, starting from the agave plant and seeking to explore various possibilities. The core of the brand is dedicated to creating the ecological environment suitable for agave growth, allowing the audience to discover the unique beauty of various agave species, experiencing the special climate of their natural habitats, characterized by rugged terrain and arid conditions, which fosters the agave’s unique vitality and evolutionary forms, along with its innate natural energy.

SUNKUSA393 sees itself as a fortress, considering each cultivated plant as a signature mech, expanding the brand’s territory through these “mechs”. Based on this concept, we represent the features of agave on the logo, using calligraphic strokes to outline the plant’s silhouette, the spiky growth pattern of the agave itself reminds us of a crown, which inspires the creation of the brand logo. In addition to differentiating the brand from other plant-based brands in the market, the logo’s solemn and emblematic feel aligns with the conceptual starting point, signifying the brand's ambition to produce high-quality plants and achieve remarkable success.

For the logotype we drew inspiration from mecha anime typefaces, combining the imagery of agave into the typeface’s details, we created a set of logotype that combine Chinese, English, and numbers. In the combination of English and numbers, we blended the hard surfaces of mecha with the organic forms of plants, making it easier for viewers to associate the intended meanings, the Chinese logotype not only complements the English logotype but also cleverly incorporates “393” into the stroke, ensuring the brand’s code name remains intact when used in Chinese. Beyond the basic visual identity system, we expanded with three representative icons, emphasizing the brand’s core concepts of “Sunlight”, “Moisture”, and “Soil”.

To create a comprehensive cross-disciplinary brand, we expanded the brand’s visual style by exploring creative concepts relating to the relationship between metal, mecha, and agave. We used the gradient of chrome metallic reflections as the brand’s standard color, complemented by futuristic-style graphics. For example, in the illustration design, we presented the agave’s form in the graphic way to convey the plant’s spiritual essence as a living being, we also used the agave’s growth patterns presented in the form of an electrocardiogram to explore the artistic beauty of plants as artwork.

In addition to the plants themselves, SUNKUSA393 incorporates aesthetics and lifestyle into its identity, we collaborated with them to create their first product - The stainless steel plant labels. The material’s texture is not only suitable for use as plant labels, but it also enhances the brand’s visual tone through sunlight reflections and the contrast with the plants. Furthermore, we designed an art poster titled “MEGAVE”, which holds a captivating story and intricate visual details, making it a subject of exploration for art enthusiasts, this poster features an unidentified mechanical life form that reflects the brand’s inception, with each component bearing a corresponding relationship to agave. In this project, we’ve skillfully combined seemingly unrelated elements to create a brand development that is conceptually stronger and visually more engaging, by melding the founder’s aesthetics and interests, we’ve concretely realized the potential for cross-disciplinary growth, establishing a unique brand identity.