Art Direction
Editorial Design

accur is an interior design studio based in Taipei City. The studio emphasizes the design concept that centers around people, incorporating ergonomics, scale, and proportion into their work to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They also tailor each project to the client’s specific needs, providing flexible space solutions.

In addition to interior design services, accur also aims to impart knowledge about space planning to their clients. We were commissioned by accur to design posters, guidebooks, and reference manuals, which not only introduce clients to the basic concepts of interior design but also empower them to apply these principles themselves. The poster and guidebook are four-fold document that can be used both as poster and as guidebook. The design of the guidebook can be customized for different clients, adding a personal touch. The poster extends the elements of the logotype, representing the importance of measurement and proportion in interior design, and the repeated symbols visually echo the expansion of space.

The reference manual combines functionality and aesthetics, serving as a decorative element in a space and allowing for the creation of a series of works based on different themes. We attempted to apply space planning concepts to typography, creating a layout system that makes it easy for readers to understand the knowledge and appreciate the impact of spatial arrangement on aesthetics, not limited to just space but also encompassing various aspects of daily life.