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Collab Product

Taking this opportunity of essence’s rebranding, we teamed up with essence to created the first co-branding product - “TRANSMISSION” T-shirt.

The collab takes “THE FORMS OF ESSENCE” as the starting point, discussed the “ESSENCE” of both parties and combined each other’s concept to create this limited edition product.

We take “TRANSMISSION” as the main theme, which is used in our own brand and also relates to essence.

Expressing the concept of “TRANSMISSION” with symbols and line segments; concretizing each other’s ideas with images, to collide with the style of both of us and convey our aesthetics.

Now available in essence

(Photo by Edward Lee from Ledge Production)

藉由重塑essence的品牌規劃為契機,我們與essence進行了第一次的聯名企劃-"TRANSMISSION" T-shirt。聯名款式以「本質的形式」(THE FORMS OF ESSENCE)為出發點,探討雙方單位各自的"本質",將彼此共鳴的理念結合,以此概念創作。