Brand Identity

Essence is a selected shop located in the West District of Taichung City. It was an online store and established a brick-and-mortar store in 2020.

In addition to clothing selection, it also combines the coffee & light meal brand “THE CAFE”, bringing more different clothing options and experience into the city.

Essence is going to release its own-brand this year, and we were commissioned to create a new Brand Plan for clothing and other extensions in the future.

As a fresh start, we customized a bold, concise and eye-catching brand image for it. In terms of Logo, we used the most conspicuous “e” as the starting point, adding light, blending into the sense of shuttle, rhythm and surround; In terms of Logotype, it was also designed with the concept of Logo, the “e” of the brand name occupies three seats and divide the letter equally. We take “e” as the main eye-catching point, the rest of the fonts use customized heavy Grotesk. We focus on the balance of the font and the coordination of negative spaces to make the overall vision looks simple and definitive, also has a strong uniqueness.

With two powerful visual identities, we have customized a neutral and modern typography system, choosing SKRAPPA as the Display typeface, SUISSE as the core text typeface, both typeface have steady visual effects and readability, which makes the visual identity and the layout complement each other.

In terms of Colors, besides the basic black and white, we also use purple as a secondary color to embellish and emphasize the brand positioning. Promoting the selections and life style of Essence by the overall visual plan.

(Photo by Edward Lee from Ledge Production)

essence為一間位於台中市西區的選物店鋪,其前身為線上商店,於2020年成立實體店面,除了服飾選物外也結合了咖啡輕食「THE CAFE」,將更多不同的服裝選擇及體驗帶入城市中。